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Returns & Exchanges

Contact us - Returns/ Exchanges/ Refunds questions

Our return policy applies exclusively to the original items sold at our official boutique.
- Return shipping costs are entirely handled by the buyer.
They are reimbursed only in case of damaged/wrong item(s) received. In this case, the possible reimbursement will be equal to the initial shipping fee we paid to send our items to the buyer’s address. 
- We reserve the right to refuse a return request if:
  • items are in bad conditions and therefore cannot be resold,
  • items tag is absent,
  • the condition of items does not conform with the buyer’s declaration,
  • "serial returns" customers.
- Non-returnable items: 
Following EU law and in the interests of hygiene we do not accept any returns or refunds on masks/ jewellery/ underwear & swimwear.

- All returns need to be requested by message for approval before sending back the item. Please note that our return desk address is different of our warehouse address.

- Claims about delivery issues (problems with the carrier / damaged parcel / damaged produtcs / missing products,) must be advised immediately (no later than the first business day following the date of delivery). 

-Claims about lack of conformity (kind/quality) must be done as soon as possible. A few pictures of these defects are needed for our quality check department. 

- You need to return an item from your received package?

- All returns need to be requested by message for approval before sending back the item.
Please note that our return address is different of our warehouse address.